Supreme Court Of Nigeria Rules On Impropriety Of A Firm Of Legal Practitioners Issuing A Court Process In Its Corporate Name

In the case of Ministry Of Works & Transportation, Adamawa State V. Yakubu (2013) Vol. 1, Misc. (Pt. 11), the Supreme Court held that it is improper and against the law for a court process to be issued or signed in a law firm’s name.

Service Of Court Processes On A Company: The New Law

One of the time honored pillars upon which rest the concept of modern Justice is captured in the Latin maxim, “audi alteram partem” which when translated means “hear the other Party”. This rule of natural justice ensures that equal opportunity and protection is afforded the competing interests and rights of the contending Parties. To achieve this, a party commencing a suit placed before Court for adjudication has an obligation to ensure that all Processes filed by him, in the suit, gets to the attention of the Defendant by proper service.

Is There A Need For A Condominium Housing Law In Nigeria?

The word ‘condominium’ refers to a building or complex of buildings containing a number of individually owned units. Each unit is deemed land with each unit owner having the full title to the apartment and a collective right of use of the common facilities on the property such as the elevators, gym, spa, lobby, swimming pool, parking lot, rooftop, stairway, etc. This innovative system of home ownership differs from an apartment building which is owned by one person or a corporate entity but is leased out to people who do not own their own units.