Odujinrin & Adefulu

About Us

Odujinrin & Adefulu is a leading Nigerian commercial law firm operating out of the country’s key commercial nerve centres – Lagos, Abuja & Port Harcourt. We are one of Nigeria’s oldest subsisting legal partnerships, with a rich heritage built on a foundation of excellence, innovation, and trust.

Over the last 50 years, we have consistently advised leading Nigerian and international clients across multiple sectors and industries. We bring a wealth of experience, depth of knowledge, freshness of perspectives that deliver outstanding real-world results to our client’s legal challenges.

Our Approach

We recognise that the need of each client and transaction is peculiar and our lawyers are trained to appreciate each client/transaction requirement and ensure that the advisory services rendered take this into consideration. We distinguish ourselves from other law firms by ensuring that our response time on transactions is expeditious and our practice of partner coordinator assignment ensures that clients have direct access to a supervisory partner at all times. Also, the proximity of our offices provides a logistic advantage.

Our excellent reputation in a number of fields has placed us among the highest ranking law firms in Nigeria. We not only tackle specialised legal matters, but also provide focused commercial advice to enable clients achieve their ultimate business objective within the required timeframe. Our culture has developed the expert approach of understanding each client’s specific needs and the business, community and regulatory environment in which the client is operating.

Our Core Values


We are driven by our concerns for the need of our clients, and this pushes us to learn more about them in order to provide the perfect solution to their problems.


We are always on the lookout for a better way to provide value for money, deliver quicker response times, and provide the best of services to our clients.


We work to situate our client’s ambition within the context of the law, hence we interpret their goals and design the best possible legal mechanisms to help them achieve it.


We believe that working in the spirit of partnership helps to achieve greater results. We therefore engage with all our stakeholders – employees, clients, suppliers and competitors in this spirit.

Our Reputation

We are recognized as a Top-tier firm by the world’s leading Legal Directories