Odujinrin & Adefulu

Building on legacy, delivering for the future—announcing our rebrand!

We are delighted to announce that Odujinrin & Adefulu has rebranded. The rebrand was driven by our unwavering commitment to redefine what it means to be a leading law firm in the 21st century. As a firm with a rich heritage consistently delivering outstanding legal services to our clients for over half a century, it’s time to embark on an exciting new phase of our journey.

Why did we rebrand?

The rebranding initiative is not a departure from our roots but a repositioning that blends our vintage experience with the forward-thinking approach demanded by the modern world. We are better positioned to provide innovative solutions leveraging our deep-rooted expertise to provide exceptional legal services.

What has changed?

The centerpiece of the rebrand is our refreshed brand identity, serving as a visual representation of our transformation.

Logo: We have a new logo that serves as a powerful visual metaphor for our journey towards growth, innovation, and commitment to pushing boundaries in the legal industry. The logo encapsulates our foundation, core values, commitment to innovation, attitude to pushing boundaries, pursuit of excellence and our vision for the future.

The innermost circle represents our core and the legacy established by our founding partners. It denotes the groundwork for our success over the past 50 years, reminding us of the timeless values and expertise that have formed the bedrock of our practice, providing a solid base upon which we build our future.

The middle circle symbolizes our growth, progress, and transformation. As a forward-thinking firm, we are constantly adapting, evolving, and expanding our capabilities to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients and the legal landscape. It therefore signifies our commitment to innovation, pushing boundaries, and exploring new horizons in the pursuit of excellence.

The outer circle represents our vision for the future—a future that is full of possibilities including the expansion of our capabilities, sphere of influence, geographical reach, and the extension into diverse sectors and industries to make a global impact. It embodies our aspirations to be at the forefront of legal innovation and a leader in shaping the legal industry.

Typography: Our typography has been carefully curated to exude a sense of contemporary professionalism.

You will also notice significant changes across our brand touchpoints over the coming weeks.

What Should You Expect: Our rebrand encompasses a range of changes and improvements in service delivery that will significantly benefit our valued clients:

  • More Innovative Legal Solutions: As a modern law firm, we will better leverage technology and digital solutions to enhance the quality of our service delivery.
  • Forward-Thinking Mindset: Our team will more proactively deploy forward-thinking strategies that anticipate future challenges and consequently provide insightful advice.
  • Client-Centric Approach: With clients at the heart of our rebrand, we pledge to maintain an unwavering commitment to exceptional client service delivering tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.
  • Thought Leadership and Industry Influence: As pioneers in the legal industry, we are thought leaders and influencers. We will continue to share insights, and perspectives that will keep you ahead of the curve whilst remaining your trusted advisor and influencer in the legal and business community.

We express our profound appreciation for your custom over the years. Our success is a testament to the trust and confidence reposed in us.

We will be sharing more about our rebrand over the next few weeks and you will see a lot of changes in how our brand usually engages you.