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Our Energy Practice has been on the front line of groundbreaking developments in the Nigerian Oil & Gas Sector.

We pride ourselves on a unique and in-depth understanding of the industry and its regulatory environment, with several years of experience providing counsel to major local and international players across the entire value chain from upstream to midstream, downstream including exploration and production giants, gas and petrochemical companies, investors, project sponsors, lenders among others.

Our team played a pivotal role in the development of the Petroleum Industry Act (“PIA”) – Nigeria’s most important petroleum legislation which provides legal, governance, regulatory and fiscal framework for the Nigerian Petroleum Industry – leading the discourse around the development of the legislation. Since the enactment of the Act, we have been advising various key industry stakeholders, including members of the government, regulators and private sector operators on significant aspects of the law.

We support international players in forging strategic partnerships with local companies, enable major oil and gas acquisitions, guide both existing and new entrants through the intricacies of the emerging regulatory framework, counsel on structuring business entities as well as advise on multilevel financings.

As a testament to our commitment to transparency and information dissemination, our team operates the only dedicated website (petroleumindustrybill.com) providing updates, information, and insights on the implementation of the PIA.

At Odujinrin & Adefulu, we are dedicated to empowering Nigeria’s energy industry, navigating its dynamic shifts, and driving innovation and growth through strategic legal counsel and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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