Odujinrin & Adefulu

Our Founders

Since the beginning of their firm, Chief Oladipo Odujinrin and Prince Adeyemi Adefulu have been pioneers in the legal industry.

Their partnership created a blue ocean, an unexplored market space, with their decision to merge advocacy with litigation. At the time, partnerships were uncommon but combining advocacy and litigation was practically unheard of in Nigeria.

With Odujinrin’s expertise and Adefulu’s advocacy background, they were able to bring the best of both their experiences into their new legal venture.

Today, this partnership practice is commonplace in the Nigerian legal system.

The firm has since maintained a culture of trying new things, and exploring uncontested space, encouraging their team members to think outside the box.

Adeyemi Adefulu - Odujinrin & Adefulu Solicitors

Adeyemi Adefulu

Founding Partner

Oladipo Odujinrin - Odujinrin & Adefulu Solicitors

Oladipo Odujinrin

Founding Partner