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Real Estate and Mining

In Nigeria’s thriving landscape, the real estate sector emerges as one of the most dynamic and promising industries. With growing awareness of investment opportunities within the Nigerian real estate market, the nation has witnessed a rapid surge in residential estates and commercial developments, particularly in bustling hubs like Lagos and Abuja.

At Odujinrin & Adefulu, we provide comprehensive support and guidance on the acquisition, development, and financing of both commercial and residential properties. Our clientele ranges from High-Net-Worth Individuals to diverse companies across various sectors, including Real Estate Investment Trust Funds registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Our services encompass a spectrum of critical functions, including the identification of potential real estate assets and procedural guidance for their acquisition. We conduct rigorous due diligence to confirm ownership and asset status, offering expert insights into the legal and regulatory framework governing real estate transactions in Nigeria. Our proficiency extends to negotiating and preparing the essential documentation required for seamless real estate acquisitions.

We specialize in providing astute advice and assistance on financing options, whether it’s asset acquisition finance or project finance. Our competence also extends to secured construction transactions, long-term mortgage loan transactions, negotiation and drafting of construction agreements, and facilitating the legal registration of real estate rights with the relevant land regulatory agencies.

As your dedicated legal partners, we empower your real estate endeavors with precision, ensuring that your investments thrive and your projects unfold seamlessly within the dynamic Nigerian real estate landscape.

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